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Here I am at the Young Living Mona Farm taking a CARE Intensive.  We were so blessed to be inhaling freshly distilled peppermint during our studies.  We stayed alert and found ourselves taking home some of the peppermint hydrosol!  The smell was beyond exhilarating!   


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A therapeutic grade essential oil  is defined here as on that is specially distilled from plants that are grown wild or cultivated organically.  Plants should be from the proper botanical genus, species, and cultivar.  No chemical fertilizers are added to the soil, and crop cultivation is free of herbicides and pesticides.  Plants should be extracted by steam distillation at minimum temperatures and pressures, as was done in ancient times. No chemical solvents are used in the extraction process.  Moreover, distillation, condensation, and separation should be performed in vessels constructed of relatively inert materials, such as food-grade stainless steel or glass. 


The essential oil must be distilled using low-pressure, low-temperature steam for the proper length of time to ensure that a complete essential oils is extracted, and that there is no significant loss or exclusion of lighter fractions (ie., monoterpenes) or heavier fractions (ie., diterpenes) from the oil.


Finally, the chemical profile of the principal constituents in the oil must fall within the parameters of certain standards such as AFNOR (Association Francaise de Normalization) and/or ISO (International Standards Organization).  There are, as yet, no standards for therapeutic-grade essential oils set by any government agency in North America.  


Therapeutic-grade essential oil should be bottled as it comes from the still, with none of its natural constituents removed and with nothing added.  The container and its lid, or seal, must be non-reactive, air tight, and a sheild from light, such as bottles of brown, amber, or blue glass.


It sould be noted that the vast majority of essential oils (over 90%) are produced for the flavor and fragrance industries and do not fulfill therapeutic standards.  Such oils are not considered suitable for use in Raindrop Technique. (See the CARE tab)


**This information is taken from the book, "A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique" written by Dr. David Stewart, PhD


When using any essential oils, please keep this jingle in mind,

 "One Drop at a Time" 

Essential oils are very powerful and more often than not, you will only need a drop or two.  When using for the first time, dilute 50/50 (one drop essential oil to one drop olive oil or coconut oil) especially when using an essential oil like Wintergreen or peppermint. 

Before you know it, your body and all 100 trillion cells within it will benefit from your use of essential oils!


Water and Oil do NOT mix~

When using essential oils, please keep in mind!


If an oil becomes "hot" meaning you feel a little discomfort, or an essential oil that's been on your fingers gets into your eye from rubbing you eye before washing you hand, DO NOT rinse with water! 


Essential oils are not water-soluble, they are LIPID-soluble.  ALWAYS use an oil like coconut oil, or olive oil (or if all you have available is vegetable oil use it) to pour onto the area affected.  The oil will flush the area and minimize discomfort.  Using water will spread the oils over a larger area possibly making the discomfort worsen. 


Young Living Essential Oil of Thieves splashed into my eye.  I immediately closed my eye, went downstairs and put olive oil around my eye allowing some of the oil to get into my eye.  It immediately removed the discomfort.  (My eye sight was not affected by the oil)



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